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Accessing Your Kitchen Needs

Before you start shopping for kitchen appliances, it's crucial to assess your kitchen's needs. Having a clear picture of what you need and want in your new kitchen can help you choose what appliances to buy. Consider factors like the size of your kitchen, your cooking habits, and the number of people in your household. This will help you determine what appliances are essential and what can be optional.

Kitchen Size Matters: Your kitchen's size is a primary factor in appliance selection. In smaller kitchens, space-saving appliances are essential. Look for compact refrigerators, slim-profile dishwashers, and wall-mounted ovens to maximize space utilization.

Cooking Habits and Lifestyle: Are you a culinary enthusiast who loves experimenting with recipes, or do you prefer quick and easy meals? Your cooking habits should dictate your appliance choices. For avid home chefs, investing in high-quality appliances with advanced features is a must. If you're always on the go, opt for appliances that simplify meal preparation.

Budgeting For Kitchen Appliances

Setting a budget is a crucial step in the appliance selection process. It ensures that you make financially responsible choices without overspending. Having a realistic budget in mind can help you quickly sort through the best appliance options for you.

Setting Your Appliance Budget: Decide how much you're willing to invest in kitchen appliances. Keep in mind that while quality appliances can be a bit pricey upfront, they often pay off in the long run with durability and energy efficiency.

Balancing Quality and Cost: It's essential to strike a balance between quality and cost. Research various brands and read customer reviews to find appliances that offer the best value for your budget.

Structure and Cost: Whether you're renovating, completely remodeling, or just needing to replace an old appliance, your kitchen layout has a significant impact on the appliances you'll need to buy. Commercial-style appliances that don't fit your kitchen layout may look good, but they may end up costing a lot more than you bargained for in structural changes.

Finishes and Style

Appliance Finishes

When selecting kitchen appliances, it's not just about functionality; aesthetics play a significant role too. The style and finish selections you make will help you limit your appliance options once you have determined your budget and practical needs. Here are some popular appliance finishes:

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel appliances are known for their timeless appeal. They seamlessly blend with various kitchen styles, from modern to traditional. They also have the advantage of being easy to clean and resistant to smudges and fingerprints.

Black Stainless Steel: Black stainless steel is a contemporary twist on the classic stainless steel finish. It adds a touch of sophistication and pairs well with dark cabinetry and countertops. It's also resistant to fingerprints, making maintenance a breeze.

White: White appliances offer a clean and classic look. They work well in kitchens with a bright and airy ambiance. White appliances can make a small kitchen appear more spacious.

Custom Panel: For a truly integrated and customized look, consider appliances with custom paneling. These appliances are designed to match your kitchen cabinetry, creating a cohesive and seamless appearance.

Appliance Styles

In addition to finishes, the style of your appliances should harmonize with your kitchen's overall design. The handles, knobs, and touchscreen surfaces of the appliances you choose will also play a role in the overall design of your kitchen. Try creating a mood board that incorporates all of the finishes you're considering to see how they'll all work together. Here are some style considerations:

Modern and Sleek: If your kitchen has a modern design, opt for appliances with clean lines, minimalist handles, and digital displays. These appliances blend seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics.

Vintage and Retro: For a vintage or retro-inspired kitchen, there's a growing market for appliances that capture the charm of bygone eras. Look for appliances with retro colors and designs to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Traditional and Timeless: In a traditional kitchen, appliances with classic styling and finishes like brushed nickel or matte black can enhance the overall look. These appliances provide a timeless appeal that complements traditional cabinetry and décor.

Types of Kitchen Appliances


When it comes to microwaves, there are several options to consider for your kitchen:

Countertop Microwaves: These microwaves are versatile and can be placed on your kitchen countertop. However, they may take up valuable counter space.

Built-In Microwaves: If you're short on counter space, a built-in microwave is a fantastic choice. It can be installed over your stove or next to an integrated oven, maximizing both space and functionality in your kitchen.

Microwave-Oven Combination: For those who want to conserve even more room, a microwave oven combination is an excellent option. This versatile appliance serves the functions of both a microwave and an oven, saving space while offering various cooking capabilities.


When it comes to dishwashers, there are various factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your kitchen:

Width and Height: While most dishwashers have a standard width of around 23 inches, the height can vary significantly. This variation is crucial when washing larger items like dinner plates, pans, and platters. Be sure to measure the height of your largest dishes to ensure they fit comfortably.

Benchtop and Kickboard Heights: Two essential considerations are the benchtop and kickboard heights in your kitchen. These factors can influence your dishwasher choice. Taller kickboards are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design, so you may want to opt for a tall tank dishwasher to accommodate your family's needs seamlessly.

Cabinet Design: If you have a handle-free cabinet design, fitting a dishwasher can be challenging. However, this design is still popular. To maintain the sleek, handle-free look, look for push-to-open dishwashers that can be seamlessly integrated into the shadow line between the tabletop and the cabinets. This ensures a cohesive and stylish kitchen aesthetic while maintaining functionality.


When it comes to refrigerators, modern technology has brought about significant improvements, making choosing the right one a bit more nuanced:

Improved Cooling Systems: Modern refrigerators outperform older models when it comes to food preservation. Expect your food to last longer due to advancements in cooling systems. These improvements help maintain optimal temperatures, preserving the freshness of your groceries.

Storage Options: To keep fruits and vegetables fresh, modern refrigerators offer a variety of drawers and compartments that can be set to different temperatures. This customizable storage ensures that your produce stays crisp and flavorful.

French Doors: French door refrigerators are a popular design option. They feature larger shelves and require less room to swing open compared to single-door models. This design choice not only provides easy access to your groceries but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Side-by-Side Models: If you frequently freeze or batch cook, a side-by-side refrigerator with a larger freezer capacity might be the best choice for you. These models offer ample freezer space for storing frozen goods.

Design Versatility: Consider whether you want your refrigerator to be a focal point in your kitchen or if you prefer it to be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen cabinetry. Some refrigerators are designed to be shown, with stylish finishes and features, while others are meant to be integrated discreetly into your kitchen's overall design. Your choice depends on your kitchen's style and your personal preference.

Kitchen Appliance Packages

Something to consider if you’re going to be adding all-new appliances is purchasing an appliance package. This is a set of matching appliances offered by a manufacturer, usually at a discounted price. Here are a couple of compelling reasons to purchase appliance packages:

Cohesive Look: When you embark on a whole kitchen remodel, achieving a cohesive and unified look is crucial. Kitchen appliance packages streamline this process effortlessly. By selecting appliances from the same brand and package, you ensure that the design, finishes, and even controls harmonize seamlessly, creating an aesthetically pleasing and well-coordinated kitchen.

Streamlined Functionality: Beyond aesthetics, kitchen appliance packages also provide the advantage of uniform functionality. The controls and operation of appliances within the same package tend to work in a similar manner. This means less time spent learning how each appliance operates, allowing you to master your kitchen faster and more efficiently.

Affordable Kitchen Appliances Near You

As you start considering which kitchen appliances are right for your home, we'd like to be part of the process. At Silica, your local appliance store located in Beaverdam, Fond du Lac, and Watertown, Wisconsin, we're not just in the business of selling appliances; we're in the business of helping you enhance your home.

We carry an extensive range of home and kitchen appliances, including the latest innovations from trusted brands like GE, LG, Whirlpool, Bosch, and more. From refrigerators that keep your food fresher for longer to dishwashers that make cleanup a breeze, we have it all. Simplify your life and shop the best washers and dryers, ovens, ranges, microwaves, and more major appliances.

Our knowledgeable staff is also here to guide you every step of the way, helping you make informed decisions that suit your needs and budget. So, when it's time to transform your kitchen, head to Silica and turn your kitchen dreams into a reality.

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