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What Size Fridge Should I Buy?

Taking into account the size of your family is a good starting point for determining the optimal size (and storage capacity) for your new refrigerator. However, these tend to be lifelong purchases so consider thinking about what the size of your family will be like in the future.

Are you planning on having more children? Will you be frequently hosting and having people over? Depending on your response to these questions, you may want to consider opting for a refrigerator that provides additional storage.

Kitchen Space

Next, let’s begin calculating how much space you have in your kitchen for your future shiny new appliance. Most kitchens have a typical refrigerator cavity/space of 90cm wide x 180cm high x 60cm deep (give or take) to accommodate a standard refrigerator size.

Start by measuring the dimensions of the area where your appliance will be placed, remember to leave around 25 millimeters of clearance space around the top, back, and sides of the fridge. This will allow for proper ventilation and ensure you have enough room to comfortably swing open and close the refrigerator doors.

Lifestyle And Family Size

The type of lifestyle you live and the size of your family both have a significant impact on the type and refrigerator size you will need. This is because fridge capacity varies based on your personal lifestyle, for instance, if you live alone you might not need as much storage space compared to someone who has a family of four.

If you enjoy planning your meals ahead of time or storing food for future use then you may consider going for more storage space than someone who does not cook as often. Observe your eating, cooking, and hosting patterns to decide if your lifestyle is better suited for a fridge with a larger or smaller storage capacity.

Features And Design

After you’ve figured out what size refrigerator your kitchen measurements can comfortably accommodate and the eating/food storage habits of your particular lifestyle, it’s time to start picking out your desired features.

Maybe you’d like a smart fridge with a Wi-Fi connection feature, or perhaps you highly value stainless steel units that come with a high energy efficiency rating. Keeping in mind what matters the most to you, make sure to create a list with all of your desired features to help you narrow down your final options.

We find it helpful to list the features in order from most important to least important in order to help you prioritize your key wants and needs. This can help you decide between two similar refrigerator styles by taking into account the most wanted or sought-after features on your list.

Refrigerator Recommendations Based on Family Size

Refrigerator Of Choice For One - Two People

The Whirlpool 24-inch Wide Small Space Top-Freezer Refrigerator makes the most out of every inch of space with the adjustable infinity shelf, drink loft overhead storage, and flexible sliding bins that keep groceries organized and easy to reach.

Refrigerators with top-freezer or bottom-freezer designs like this recommended Whirlpool model offer a large fridge compartment with a smaller freezer compartment. They are a great affordable option that is best suited for small families and households consisting of one or two people.


  • Infinity Slide Shelf
  • EZ Connect Ice Maker Kit
  • Gallon Door Bin
  • Electronic Temperature Controls

Refrigerator Of Choice For Three - Four People

For a family made up of four people, we suggest looking at french-door and side-by-side refrigerator styles. Because these models start at mid-sized measurements, they will be able to offer the correct amount of storage space your family will need.

The LG's Smart Wi-Fi 22.5 Cu. Ft. Enabled Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator is our suggested unit for this size. Offering various luxury-tier amenities such as a full-convert drawer with five temperature settings, and a beautiful counter-depth look, this refrigerator will exceed your expectations.


  • Dual Ice Makers
  • Fingerprint and Smudge Resistant Finish
  • The Slim SpacePlus Ice System
  • 3 Layer Fresh Air Filter
  • WiFi Enabled
  • SmartDiagnosis™

Refrigerator Of Choice For Five - Or More People

French-door refrigerators and side-by-side refrigerators have the largest storage space out of any standalone refrigerator. This is why we suggest the sleek 26.7 Cu. Ft. Samsung Side-by-Side refrigerator that provides an abundance of food storage for large families.

Having a chic and contemporary design, this fridge seamlessly uplifts any kitchen and features a durable fingerprint-resistant finish to keep your unit looking shiny and new. Offering an in-door ice maker, gallon door bins to maximize storage (got to keep those dinosaur chicken nuggets in stock), and Samsung Family Hub, this unit is jampacked with all the necessary features and more!

Through the use of the Family Hub feature, you and your family can listen to music, share pictures, or watch your favorite shows (with Samsung TV Plus). You are able to control all of your smart appliances and devices right from your Samsung fridge and have access to all the benefits Alexa offers.


  • Family Hub
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Indoor Ice maker
  • Water Dispenser
  • Adjustable Top Shelf
  • Gallon Door Bins
  • Fingerprint Resistant Finish
  • Multi-vent technology
  • Awarded Energy Star Certified
  • Door Alarm
  • Large capacity

Ready To Purchase?

If you'd like more information on any of the recommended refrigerators, feel free to give us a call or visit one of our in-store locations in Fond du Lac, Beaver Dam, or Watertown Wisconsin. Make sure to take advantage of our flexible financing options, where you can purchase your perfect refrigerator with convenient monthly payments and no hidden fees. We strive to make every appliance, electronic, and furniture purchase attainable for your budget and needs!

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