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Why You Should Recycle Your Appliances

Landfill Growth

EPA.Gov estimates that out of the roughly 2.2 million tons of small appliances produced since 1960, only 5.6% was recycled. To add to that, only 18.5% were combusted for energy recovery and the remaining 75.9% ended up in landfills.

Major large appliances have fared much better with just over 3.1 million tons of the 5.3 tons produced having been recycled. Even so, that still leaves over 2.1 million tons ending up in a landfill.

That is a lot of material that is just taking up the limited space that we have on our planet.

Environmental Concerns of Refrigerated Appliances

It's especially important to make sure you take your refrigerators and freezers somewhere that is a registered refrigerant-removal site. Improper disposal on a large scale can lead to ozone depletion and the leak of other hazardous materials into our environment.

According to EPA.Gov, the main concerns with refrigerated appliances are refrigerant, foam, and hazardous components such as polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs. Older refrigerators and freezers often contain chemicals in the refrigerants that are harmful to our ozone layer and create potent greenhouse gases. The foam in units dating prior to 2005 contains ODS materials and should be handled with care when dismantling. These chemicals need to be handled properly.

Newer appliances use more ozone-friendly refrigerants, but still can pose risks and need to be recycled properly.

What Are the Proper Ways to Dispose of Old Appliances?

If your appliance is in good working condition, you can consider continuing to use the appliance or selling it. If you're upgrading your refrigerator or freezer, it can seem like an easy choice to move your old appliance to the garage or basement for extra storage.

If you have an appliance that has extended its lifespan, you'll want to consider the proper way to recycle it. Here are some options.

Store Takeaway

If you purchase your new appliance at a local store such as Silica, delivery teams will often take away and recycle your old appliances when they deliver your new ones. This can save you time, money, and stress.

Silica For Your Home has locations in Fond Du Lac, Beaver Dam, and Watertown. If you're looking for a local retailer that offers delivery and takeaway in the area, trust us to properly recycle your old appliances.

Recycling Centers

If you're able to easily transport your appliance, find a recycling center near you at Earth911.Org and handle the recycling yourself. Many recycling centers will accept appliances without charge, however, if you are recycling a refrigerator or freezer there will likely be a fee.

If you are located in Wisconsin, visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website to learn more about your options for recycling refrigerants properly.

Municipality or Waste Pick-Up

If the above options don't apply, contact your local municipality, some will provide appliance and junk removal services for free or for a minimal fee. This can usually be done at your curb, so you don’t have to take the appliance far.

If you have a private waste company, they will also pick up old appliances as well. Again, there may be a fee.

Silica - For Your Home

Silica has been in business since 1922. We believe it is our people that can make all the difference in your purchasing experience.

We have design teams that can help you every step of the way, an expert sales team that can guide you to the perfect product, and an experienced service team. We proudly offer local in-home delivery of all appliances and haul away services at the time of delivery.

If you are in the market for household appliances, electronics, furniture, or mattresses visit a Silica For Your Home store near you today.

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