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What is a Kamado Joe Grill?

Kamado Joe grills are ceramic kamado-style grills that offer exceptional heat retention, precise temperature control, and a wide range of cooking options. Inspired by traditional Japanese cooking methods, these grills have gained significant popularity among grilling enthusiasts by combining modern technology with age-old techniques to deliver exceptional performance.

These grills have a premium ceramic construction, which provides excellent heat retention and durability. The ceramic walls trap heat, allowing for efficient charcoal burning and precise temperature control. This enables users to achieve a wide range of cooking styles, from low and slow smoking to high-temperature searing.

Whether you're a grilling novice or an experienced pitmaster, a Kamado Joe grill provides the tools and features you need to elevate your outdoor cooking game.

Overview: Kamado Joe & Big Green Egg

Before we dive into more detail on both grills, here’s a brief comparison summarizing the key differences between the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe grills.

Design Build & Quality:

- Kamado Joe: High-quality ceramics with divide and conquer cooking systems

- Big Green Egg: High-quality ceramics

Ease of Use:

- Kamado Joe: User-friendly design with an air lift hinge and patented slide out ash drawer

- Big Green Egg: User-friendly design

Pricing & Value For Money:

- Kamado Joe: Competitive price with added features and accessories

- Big Green Egg: Premium price

Design & Build Quality

When it comes to design and build quality, both the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe grills are constructed using high-quality ceramics that ensure excellent heat retention and durability. However, Kamado Joe takes it a step further with its patented Divide & Conquer cooking systems, allowing for multi-level grilling and the ability to cook different foods simultaneously.

Category Winner: Kamado Joe

Cooking Performance

Temperature Control

Precise temperature control is essential for achieving consistent cooking results. Both the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe offer excellent temperature control due to their superior insulation properties. However, Kamado Joe's innovative Kontrol Tower top vent and airlift hinge provide even more control over airflow and temperature adjustments.

Heat Retention

One of the key advantages of ceramic kamado grills is their ability to retain heat for extended periods. The Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe excel in this aspect, with their thick ceramic walls and tight seals ensuring optimal heat retention. Overall, Kamado Joe's three-tiered Divide & Conquer cooking system allows for greater flexibility in managing heat zones.


Both grills offer impressive versatility, allowing you to grill, smoke, bake, and sear with ease. The Big Green Egg has a range of accessories available, providing options for various cooking styles. While Kamado Joe grills also offer a wide range of accessories, they take versatility to the next level with their patented SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber, which ensures better smoke circulation and enhanced flavor.

Category Winner: Kamado Joe

Grilling Experience

When it comes to grilling space, both the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe offer ample room to cook for small gatherings or large parties. The exact dimensions may vary depending on the model, but generally, both grills provide enough space to accommodate multiple racks of ribs, whole chickens, or even a Thanksgiving turkey.

Nonetheless, Kamado Joe's Divide & Conquer cooking system allows for even more flexibility in utilizing the available cooking space effectively. Additionally, their stainless steel charcoal baskets make clean-up easy by quickly separating leftover charcoal from your ashes so you’re ready to continue cooking in seconds.

Category Winner: Kamado Joe

Grates & Accessories

The quality and design of the grates play a crucial role in the grilling experience. Both the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe offer high-quality cooking grates that ensure even heat distribution and excellent searing capabilities.

Nevertheless, Kamado Joe provides a wider range of accessory options, including half-moon grates, cast iron griddles, and stainless steel surfaces. These additional accessories give users more versatility in their cooking and expand the possibilities for creating various flavors and textures.

Category Winner: Kamado Joe

Cooking Styles

When it comes to cooking styles, both the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe excel in delivering exceptional results. Whether you want to sear a steak, smoke a brisket, bake a pizza, or roast vegetables, both grills offer the versatility to achieve your desired cooking style.

The combination of their superior heat retention, precise temperature control, and the ability to create different heat zones allows for endless culinary exploration.

Category Winner: Kamado Joe & Big Green Egg

Ease of Use & Maintenance

Using and maintaining a grill should be a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most—the food. Both the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe grills offer user-friendly designs that make them accessible to beginners and experienced grillers alike.

Category Winner: Kamado Joe & Big Green Egg

Pricing & Value For Money

When considering the price of a grill, it’s essential to evaluate the overall value for money. While the Big Green Egg has a long-standing reputation and a loyal following, Kamado Joe offers comparable quality and performance at a more competitive price point.

Kamado Joe often includes more features and accessories which provides a higher value proposition, giving you more for your money without sacrificing performance. It's worth noting that both brands have a range of models with varying sizes and features, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Category Winner: Kamado Joe

Big Green Egg vs. Kamado Joe: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing between the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe grills, the question of which one is better often arises. Kamado Joe emerges as the preferred choice for those seeking a high-performance, feature-rich, and value-driven option.

Its combination of innovative features, and competitive pricing, make Kamado Joe a superior choice for those looking to elevate their grilling experience while getting the most bang for their buck.

A Complete Outdoor Cooking Solution: Kamado Joe

One of the key advantages of Kamado Joe grills is their versatility. Here are just a few examples of the different cooking techniques you can explore with these remarkable grills:

Grilling: Achieve the perfect sear on steaks, burgers, or vegetables by using direct heat grilling. The high temperatures and precise control allow for restaurant-quality results.

Smoking: Slow-cook your favorite cuts of meat to perfection using Kamado Joe classic grill as a smoker. The combination of low temperatures, aromatic wood chips, and the grill’s insulation creates tender and flavorful smoked dishes.

Baking & Roasting: These grills have the ability to function as an oven opens up a world of baking possibilities. From homemade pizzas with crispy crusts to succulent roasts, you can achieve consistent and impressive results. It doubles as a quality pizza oven and more!

Low & Slow Cooking: This grill’s exceptional heat retention and temperature control make it perfect for low and slow cooking. Prepare mouthwatering pulled pork, tender ribs, or even a whole turkey with ease.

What You Need To Know: Kamado Joe Grills

What makes Kamado Joe grills stand out from other brands?

Kamado Joe grills stand out for their innovative features, such as the Divide & Conquer cooking system, Kontrol Tower top vent, and user-friendly designs, which enhance cooking control and convenience.

Can I use Kamado Joe grills for both grilling and smoking?

Absolutely! Kamado Joe grills are designed to excel in both grilling and smoking. Their excellent heat retention and airflow control allow for a wide range of cooking styles, from high-temperature searing to low and slow smoking

How does Kamado Joe’s Divide & Conquer cooking system work?

The Divide & Conquer cooking system in Kamado Joe grills allows you to create different heat zones and cook multiple dishes simultaneously. It consists of multi-level cooking grates and heat deflectors, enabling you to grill, smoke, or roast different foods at varying temperatures.

How long does a Kamado Joe grill last?

Kamado Joe grills are built to last you a lifetime. Proper care and maintenance of your grill will help you ensure it stays in the best shape possible for years to come.

Will Kamado Joe crack in cold weather?

These grills are built to last and withstand the weather. However, ensure the inside of your grill is protected from moisture to prevent the ceramic from cracking.

Can I use wood in a Kamado Joe?

Yes, you can cook with both wood and charcoal when using these grills.

Shop The Best Grills

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