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Understanding Contouring Mattresses

Mattresses that contour to your body are designed to provide personalized support based on your individual shape and sleeping position. They are made with materials such as memory foam, latex, or hybrid foam, which are known for their ability to conform to the body's curves.

This type of mattress is widely popular because it can help reduce pressure points, relieve joint pain, and promote better alignment of the spine. One of the most popular materials used when creating a contouring mattress is memory foam.

Memory foam is known for its ability to conform to the body's shape and provide pressure relief. It is made from a unique material that responds to heat and pressure, allowing it to contour to your body and distribute weight evenly. Another popular material used to make contouring mattresses is latex.

Latex is a natural material that is known for its durability and responsiveness. It provides a bouncier feel than memory foam while still contouring to the body's shape, providing excellent support and good spinal alignment.

Benefits of Mattresses that Contour to Your Body

Reduce Pressure Points

There are several benefits to using a mattress that contours to your body. One of the most significant and sought-after benefits is that it can help to reduce pressure points. Pressure points occur when parts of the body, such as the hips, shoulders, and knees, press against the mattress.

Over time, this can cause discomfort and pain. Mattresses that contour to the body help distribute weight evenly, reducing the amount of pressure on these joints and alleviating discomfort.

Improve Spinal Alignment

Another benefit of these softer mattresses is that they can help to improve spinal alignment. When the body is not properly aligned during sleep, it can lead to back pain and other unwanted issues. These mattresses help keep the spine in a neutral position, reducing the risk of back pain and related problems.

Improved Sleep

Memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses that contour to your body can provide a more comfortable sleeping experience overall. By conforming to your body’s shape, they offer personalized support and cushioning to help enhance comfort and relaxation while you sleep.

They are also known for having minimal motion transfer so you can sleep peacefully all night long even if your partner tosses and turns.

Choosing the Right Contouring Mattress

Here are a few factors to consider when it comes to selecting the right contouring mattress for you:

They are also known for having minimal motion transfer so you can sleep peacefully all night long even if your partner tosses and turns.

Firmness Level: The ideal firmness level will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Generally, people who are side sleepers prefer a softer mattress, while those who are stomach or back sleepers prefer a firmer mattress or medium-firm mattress.

Material: As we mentioned before, latex and memory foam are the two most popular materials used to get a body contouring effect. Memory foam mattresses provide a more contouring feel that deeply cradles you, while latex is more responsive and bouncy. Hybrid mattresses combine these two for a balanced feel.

Thickness: Consider the density of the foam and the overall quality of the materials used. Look for mattresses that come with a warranty or sleep trial period, this gives you the chance to experience the overall quality of a mattress before committing to a purchase.

Our Favorite Contouring Mattresses

Ashley Furniture Millennium Luxury Plush Gel Latex Hybrid Mattress

This mattress features a combination of comfort layers such as gel-infused memory foam, latex foam, and pocketed coils that work together to provide a balance of comfort and support. The gel-infused memory foam helps to evenly distribute weight to reduce pressure points and allow for natural spinal alignment while you sleep.

The individually wrapped pocketed coils also enhance the ability to contour to your body while reducing motion transfer for a more cradling and peaceful sleep.

Materials: Latex Foam & Memory Foam

Type: Hybrid

Feel: Plush/Soft

Sealy Crown Jewel - Geneva Ruby - Plush

This plush Sealy mattress features a combination of premium materials, such as their exclusive Posturepedic Technology and advanced memory foam layers. Their Posturepedic Technology provides targeted support to the areas of your body that need it most, such as your lower back and hips. This immensely helps to promote proper alignment and reduce pressure points.

Extra memory foam layers allow the mattress to contour to your body’s unique shape to help reduce the likelihood of waking up with body aches and pains.

Materials: Memory Foam & Foam

Type: Tight Top

Feel: Plush/Soft

Stearns & Foster Estate Collection - Rockwell - Luxury Plush

The Stearns & Foster Rockwell mattress offers a multi-layered construction that includes a plush pillow top with high-density foam layers and an advanced coil system. The plush pillow top gives you a soft cushioned surface that conforms to your body, while the layers of high-density foam help minimize pressure points without sacrificing comfort.

If you experience constant hip and shoulder pain or discomfort, the Rockwell coil system provides targeted support to these parts of the body to provide relief and reduce motion transfer.

Materials: Foam

Type: Euro Pillow Top

Feel: Plush/Soft

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt Soft

The TEMPUR-ProAdapt is a premium mattress by Tempur-Pedic that boasts the brand’s exclusive TEMPUR material, which conforms to your body’s shape and provides customized support where you need it most. Additionally, this top-of-the-line material reduces pressure points, joint pain, and minimizes partner disturbance at night to give you a rejuvenating sleep.

This mattress is expertly designed to give you a plush, ultra-cushioned feel that is perfect for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface. It also features advanced cooling technology to help regulate temperature and keep you cool while you peacefully sleep.

Materials: Memory Foam & Foam

Type: Tight Top

Feel: Plush/Soft

Best Mattress Store Near You

If you want to get more restful and rejuvenating sleep, visit one of our mattress stores located in Fond du Lac, Beaver Dam, and Watertown, Wisconsin, to get started. Browse our great inventory of high-quality mattresses, from the best foam mattresses to the best hybrid mattresses and more!

We truly have the perfect mattress to fit every sleep preference and budget. You can even further enhance your sleep by pairing your new mattress with the right adjustable base and foundation. What are you waiting for? Pay us a visit, and one of our product experts will be happy to help you find the perfect mattress.

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