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Immerse yourself in the sophisticated charm of the Ashley Furniture Dolingham Counter Height Dining Table and Bar Stools. Crafted with precision and designed for modern living, this dining set effortlessly combines functionality with contemporary elegance. The sleek lines and rich finish of the table make it a statement piece, adding a touch of luxury to your dining space.

The compact design of the table and the stackable feature of the bar stools make them perfect for smaller spaces. Embrace the freedom to rearrange your dining area effortlessly, providing a fresh and dynamic look whenever inspiration strikes. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner, a casual brunch, or a lively cocktail party, this dining set seamlessly transitions to meet your needs.

What It Includes:

• Counter Height Dining Table

• 4 Bar Stools

Ashley Furniture Sanbriar Dining Table and Chairs (D393425)

Quality meets craftsmanship with the Sanbriar Dining Set. For those seeking rustic charm, this set is perfect. The distressed wood and earthy tones bring a cozy, inviting feel to your dining room. Hosting holiday dinners becomes an enchanting experience surrounded by the warmth of this set. With a table spacious enough for elaborate spreads and chairs designed for extended comfort, this dining set transforms your space into a multifunctional haven. Embrace the flexibility that the Sanbriar set brings to your lifestyle.

What It Includes:

• Dining Table

• 6 Chairs

Liberty Furniture Industries 4 Piece Set (172OT4PCS)

This dining set embraces the concept of versatility that effortlessly blends style and functionality, creating a focal point for your living space that exudes modern elegance. Arrange the table to suit your living space, whether you prefer a classic layout or a more eclectic approach.

The cohesive design allows you to experiment with different configurations, providing a personalized touch to your room. Suitable for both small and large spaces, its modular design enables you to optimize space, making it an excellent choice for flexible dining areas. Use it for intimate family dinners or as additional seating when you hold lively holiday gatherings.

What It Includes:

• Console Bar Table

• 3 Cushioned Bar Stools

• 2 Power Outlets

• 2 USB Ports

Liberty Furniture Industries 6 Piece Trestle Table Set (152CD6TRS)

A perfect blend of timeless rustic charm and modern comfort, the trestle table is both elegant and comfortable. The spacious chestnut finish table accommodates large feasts, while the additional chairs and a bench ensure that everyone has a seat at the table. The seating is lined with gray upholstery and has nylon chair glides to protect your floors.

What It Includes: Periodically check the water supply hoses for any signs of wear or leaks. Replace them if needed to prevent potential flooding.

• Dining Table

• 4 Chairs

• 1 Cushioned Bench

Liberty Furniture Industries 7 Piece Rectangular Table Set (116CD7RLS)

An exquisite blend of timeless beauty and modern functionality, this dining ensemble is crafted to transform your family gatherings into stylish and memorable events. The light & dark espresso finish, paired with nylon chair glides to protect your flooring, creates a stunning visual contrast that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your dining space.

The chairs, featuring chocolate PVC upholstery, not only provide comfort but also showcase transitional styling that adds a modern twist to your dining area. Designed with the family in mind, the Lawson Rectangular Table features an 18-inch butterfly leaf, allowing you to accommodate guests or a larger family with ease.

What It Includes:

• Dining Table

• 6 Chairs

TLiberty Furniture Industries 7 Piece Gathering Table Set (116GYCD7GTS)

Crafted for both style and functionality, this set is an invitation to gather the family and create lasting memories. Designed to enhance your dining experience, this ensemble consists of six counter-height chairs and a gathering table, providing the perfect setting for family gatherings, casual dinners, or entertaining friends.

Made from rubberwood solids and veneers, this set boasts a slate and weathered gray finish, creating a look that effortlessly blends rustic charm with modern sophistication. The gathering table also features a 12-inch butterfly leaf, allowing you to easily accommodate guests or a larger family.

What It Includes:

• Dining Table

• 6 Chairs

Dining Room Furniture Near You

When it comes to transforming your dining space into a haven for holiday dinner parties, Silica is the place to go! Whether you prefer sleek and modern or classic and timeless, Silica boasts a diverse range of dining room sets to suit every taste. From contemporary chic to rustic charm, you'll find the perfect set to complement your style and preferences.

Our furniture is not only stylish but also competitively priced, allowing you to create a stunning space without breaking the bank. Visit our furniture store location in Fond du Lac, WI, to browse the best selection of dining room, bedroom, living room, home entertainment, and home office furniture. From the best dining table sets to cozy sofas and recliners, we have everything you need to upgrade your home.

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Dining Room Sets: Commonly Asked Questions

How do I determine the right size for my dining room set?

Consider the dimensions of your dining space. Measure the available area to ensure there's enough room for the dining set and comfortable movement around it. Factor in additional space for chairs to be pulled out and for guests to move freely.

Can a large dining set work in a small space?

It's possible! Opt for a set with a space-efficient design. Consider round tables or those with extendable options to maximize seating when needed while allowing for a cozier setup in day-to-day use.

How do I protect my wooden dining set from damage?

Use placemats, coasters, and tablecloths to protect the surface from spills, heat, and scratches. Regularly dust and clean the set with recommended wood cleaners to maintain its luster.

How do I choose a style that suits my taste?

Consider your overall home decor. If your style is modern, opt for sleek and minimalist designs. For a more classic look, ornate detailing and traditional shapes might be appealing.

Are there affordable dining sets that still look elegant?

Absolutely! Affordable dining sets can be stylish and elegant. Look for sales, discounts, and financing options to make your desired set more budget-friendly.

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