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Planning Is The First Step

Having a clear picture of what you need and want in your new kitchen can help you choose what appliances to buy.

Structure And Cost

Whether you're renovating, completely remodeling, or just needing to replace an old appliance, your kitchen layout has a significant impact on the appliances you'll need to buy. The flow & traffic patterns your kitchen produces, and any structural limits, should all be taken into account. You can learn a lot about space planning by looking at some of the most common kitchen layouts. The layout you have will have a significant impact on the kinds and sizes of appliances that can be accommodated.

Having a realistic budget in mind can help you choose the best appliances for your requirements. Commercial-style appliances that don't fit your kitchen layout may look good, but they may end up costing a lot more than you bargained for in structural changes.

Finishes And Style

The style & finish selections you make will help you limit your appliance options once you have determined your budget and practical needs... It's no surprise that stainless steel is the most preferred finish choice in today's high-end kitchens since it's both long-lasting and simple to maintain. With bespoke panels, appliances may be integrated into cabinets. A cabinet maker will create panels specifically for you based on the information provided by the manufacturer.

Because of their classic shapes and finishes, high-end kitchen appliances go well with a wide range of design aesthetics. Chef-inspired professional style and elegant European-style appliances are two different options that Monogram – GE’s ultra-premium line offers, for example.

The handles, knobs, touchscreens, etc. of the appliances you choose will also play a role in the overall design of your kitchen. Try creating a mood board that incorporates all of the finishes you're considering to assist you to see how they'll all work together if you're having trouble deciding.


On the counter or in your cabinets, microwaves may take up a lot of room, no matter where you place them. With a built-in microwave, you have additional options in the kitchen, especially if you're short on counter space. Consider putting it over your stove or next to an integrated oven to get the most out of its available space and functionality.

To conserve even more room, a microwave-oven combination may be a good option.


This may seem to be a straightforward choice at first glance, but there is more nuance to consider. Although most dishwashers are around 23 in width, the height may vary widely. This can make a significant difference when washing large dinner plates, pans, and platters.

Benchtop and kickboard heights are two of the first things to look at, and both of these have an influence on what your dishwasher choice will be. Taller kickboards are becoming trendier, so you may want to choose a tall tank dishwasher to satisfy the needs of your family.

Dishwashers may be difficult to fit into a handle-free cabinet design, which is still popular. Look for push-to-open dishwashers that can fit in the shadow line between the tabletop and the cabinets.


Because many of us don't replace our refrigerators on a regular basis, modern tech has often outperformed what we had expected. You can expect your food to last longer in a new fridge because of improvements in cooling systems compared to older models. If you're looking to keep fruit & vegetables fresh, you'll likely find a variety of drawers and compartments that can be set to various temperatures.

French doors, which have larger shelves and need less room to swing open, are a better design option than a single door.

If you often freeze or batch cook, a side-by-by-side model with a larger freezer capacity may be the best option for you.

There are certain fridges that are meant to be shown, while there are others that are meant to be integrated into a kitchen.

Appliance Packages

Something to consider if you’re going to be adding all-new appliances would be an appliance package. This is a set of appliances, all the same style, offered by a manufacturer – usually at a discount.

It’s a great idea assuming you are doing a kitchen remodel. Another benefit is that there tends to be cohesiveness in how the controls and functionality work for different kitchen appliances of the same brand.


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